File Structure _of _duekoué _and _scio _protected _forests _under _anthropogenic _activities _in _southwestern _côte _d’ivoire

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Upload date 09 Feb 2016
Contributor Gouve Claver Yian
Geographical coverage Côte d´Ivoire,
Keywords Forest_protection,_cash_crops,_agroforestry,_vegetation_structure,_South-West_Côte_d’Ivoire
Release date 10/02/2016
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This manuscript analyses the effects of anthropogenic disturbance on trees, shrubs and lianas mean DBH, density and basal area in two protected rain forests in Southwestern Côte d’Ivoire. These forests have been under timber harvesting since their protection in 1929. The Forest plantations of indigenous timber species and Teak since 1996 to increase their productivities for timbers. Additionally, they host many plantations of cash crop most important. To understand how these plantations affect the local vegetation structure, trees, shrubs and lianas with DBH ≥10 cm were analyzed through the mean DBH, density and basal area. Plots were of 20 m x 50 m size and a total of 10 per vegetation type. Highest mean DBH an vegetation types were found in the natural forests and the undergrowth cleared forests which had similar values of these parameters. Yet density showed bothlowest and highest values in plantations. Density in plantations was influenced by the site location of the plantation and the nature of crop while mean DBH and basal area were influenced only by the nature of crop